Thursday, September 4, 2008

California Part 1

A few weeks ago Cody and I flew to California for Austin and Sara's wedding. We left our house at 2:00 AM Thursday morning, and got to Noah's house in SLC at 5:30. I slept the whole drive, but Cody hadn't slept at all. He slept a little bit on the couch and then Noah took us to the airport around 6:30. When we got to Cali Cody was super tired, but instead of sleeping, he went with all the boys to San Diego for Austin's all day bachelor party. They went to a dont' remember what it was called. But it looked like a lot of fun from the pictures! There aren't any pics of Cody because he was the one taking them. But he got a lot of good ones of everyone else!




They all said it was really hard, and they figured that because there were so many people there and everyone had to take turns, plus the fact that they would wipe out so fast that they each got less than 2 minutes actually doing it. But they all had fun!!

While Cody was there I was hanging out with my dad. He went to Cali to visit my grandparents, so we went out to lunch and just talked for a while. It was so fun! Then he drove me around all his old hangouts and the church where he was baptized and told me a lot of funny stories from when he was a teenager. Oh, Dad. :) We went to my grandparents house and my Uncle Joe was there, so it was nice to see everyone. Joe took me home, but not before driving past GWEN STEFANI'S parent's house so I could take pictures. She grew up there and was friends with my uncle (He's 16 years younger than my dad, or I'm sure he would've been friends with her, too)

The next few days were spent getting ready for the wedding. The reception was going to be in a park behind Cody's parents house, so they had a big tent with a dance floor in the middle. The wedding was at the San Diego temple which was awesome because that's where Cody and I got married! So it was fun to relive it a little bit.

Our niece, Madi, and Cody's dad

Austin and Sara

Their super cute wedding cake

That was all the fun wedding stuff!!! I'll be back for California part 2 later :)


Holly Mayer said...

that is a cute cake.

Grandma Nell said...

Very cool pictures! Can't wait to see you again this weekend!! :)

Katie said...

That surfing looks crazy! Cody's brother looks so much like him! It is just crazy. I love the pic of you and Cody. You guys look great! Just like Nell, I can't wait for this weekend!


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