Monday, April 28, 2008

A Birthday Tribute

Happy Birthday to April!!! Today is her birthday and because I can't be there to hang out and celebrate, I thought I'd do a birthday tribute post. I did steal all the pictures off of her blog, though, because my iPhoto takes FOREVER to upload photos and I don't know why...It's really frustrating.


This is my sister-in-law, April.

We first met when I was I think 13 or 14. I was in Utah hanging out with my dad and Dan and visiting Noah. One night when Dan and I were hanging out with Noah he said he wanted to take us to meet his friend, April. We went to her apartment and April and I just started talking right away. I told her all about this huge crush I currently had and while Noah was kinda freaking out (not a lot) that I'd like boys or hold hands with boys (because I was, of course, only "8") April kept telling him, "She needs experience, Noah. It's ok." I was like-Yes! She's totally on my side and finally, someone who understands me. I knew we'd be friends. A couple days later, my dad, Dan, and I went out to dinner and told Noah to come. He brought April with him. We were all happy to see her again, and then I knew...It was serious. Luckily I was right and Noah and April got married!

Another time when we were visiting Utah we went to April's apartment again. She brought out 2 huge bags of clothes she was going to take to the DI and let me go through them first. I was soooo excited. Some people might be like..Ok that's not a big deal...She was giving them away anyway...But it's free clothes. That are cute, because she only has cute clothes. So I was really excited. She still does this-the last time we went down to visit she gave me a pair of shoes that were too small for her. I looove them and was wearing them today, actually..

They came to Illinois for Christmas after they got married. April brought me a present. It was a scarf she had made herself! I still have it and love to wear it during the winter...Which in Idaho is pretty much year round. It's dark red-my favorite color, which I don't think she knew because it wasn't my favorite color yet- and on the inside she even made her own tag that says "Hip Knits by April Joy Springer" It is pretty hip. I remember feeling so special because she said she used two different types of yarn to make it...I don't know why I thought that was so cool, but I really felt like she cared about me and it was extra, extra special because she used two different types!

April is super, super crafty. She has all these beaaaaautiful scrapbooks-the ones you see in the craft store and think-someday, someday I'll be that good. April doesn't think that. She IS that good. Her scrapbooks made me want to get into it so I could hopefully have scrapbooks like her! She doesn't scrapbook very much anymore, but now she makes a book each year with pictures from that previous year. She sends them somewhere and they make them all into a book. It's so awesome and she does such a good job figuring out how good they'd all look together and where to put them.
After she had her baby, Aidan, who is adorable, she got bored sitting around the house so she decided to do something about it. She took photography classes and sewing classes and now is a pro at both.

(not only great at photography, but also cooking!!!)
(this one shows the cute tag she adds)
I think she should start selling her bags. I'm pretty sure she could make a fortune off of them. Whenever I talk to people about having kids and being bored at home I always tell them about April and how she did something with her time. I hope I can be just like her and have the desire to learn new skills, even with a brand new baby!

April loves to workout.
That's how happy she is about running. She does half-marathons and all kinds of races all the time without even thinking it's a big deal...It's a HUGE deal to me, especially since I can tell you exactly when the last time I worked out was... (November 8, 2007...I'm pretty good at remembering random dates) so to have someone that loves running and gets pleasure from it...I really respect that. It definitely motivates me to be better!!! And she's even motivating her whole family to get into it.

April loves, loves, loves, loves her baby, and dresses him SOOO dang cute.

Um, Hi. How cute is that?! She also loves her dog, Max.
He was her only baby for a long time, and is very easy to love. I doggysat him for a week once when I was in high school and fell in love really fast.

April loves her garden, and espeically loves her gnome. I love hearing her and Noah talk about their pumpkins and carrots..It makes me want to have a garden!

All in all, April is pretty awesome. She's really pretty, really smart, really funny and I love to be around her! She loves her family
and we love her!!!

Happy Birthday, April!!!


April said...

Woah!! That is the nicest birthday tribute ever :) Thanks for saying all those nice things! It's cute the things that you remember and that stand out! You really did make me sound like superwoman though... oh, and if you have a boy - just know that dressing a boy is WAY fun! Even though everything isn't pink and ruffly:) See you soon!

Grandma Nell said...

Stacey - that was such a nice blog about April for her birthday - and your memories!! I loved reading it! You're great! And just so you know - April has a webpage where she's SELLING her crafty things now!!! :)

Amy said...

Stacey that was so awesome! I totally think we're so lucky that April is our sister-in-law! I think she's fantastic too!!! I wish you lived closer so we could all hang out together! That was a really nice blog - you're awesome! And I'm so glad you'll be here soon! Love you!

Shaylen said...

Hey I made my blog public again just for you! I am just going to leave it this way for a while. But I still want your email address. :)

THE SHAWS said...

Hmmmm, so about that Jasper thing...I think it is cool. Oh the little connections we make. Thanks for thinking of me!


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