Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter yesterday! Our's was pretty relaxed...We weren't thinking about Easter that much..But I did buy I Am Legend for Cody and he bought Enchanted for me! Those were our "big" Easter presents. He actually got his movie on Saturday because he was going to go buy it himself he wanted it so bad. I kept telling him to not buy it and finally I just said, "Do you want me to tell you why?" He said yes, so I told him I had bought it for him already. Good thing, too, because apparently I bought the wrong one. (I bought fullscreen instead of widescreen) So he took it back and bought widescreen. He actually didn't put Enchanted in my Easter basket until I was almost asleep Sunday night because he didn't want to have to watch it..He told me to just watch it while he was at work. I'm ok with that :)

We also got a ton of fun stuff from Cody's mom last week! It was an Easter package and all the stuff in it is soooo dang cute. We got it on Monday and I waited and waited until Cody came home from work to open it. Finally he came home, but I was sleeping. Luckily he woke me up and the first thing I said was, "Lets open the package!!!"

This is the super cute sign-Families Are Forever-It's by our picture of the Rexburg Temple

This is a magnet! Sorry the picture is so blurry, but it says Spring has Sprung if you can't tell. It's soooo cute and I love it. It's on a spring and behind the spring is the magent, so it comes out like 2 inches from the fridge

I love love love love pretty paper..And I don't think I've ever told Tami that..But she just knows. I love this paper, it's so springy and cute! I'm excited to make lists on it..That's another maybe weird thing about me..I love making lists.

YUM! My favorite of all time, MNM's. When Cody pulled it out I was like-Is that a LARGE bag?!?! ...It was gone within like 4 days.

Hooray for Easter! PS I wore a pretty "Easter" dress to church yesterday-my dress from Seth and Katie's wedding. I was excited to have an Easter dress. It was this one--

It's Eastery, eh?
And sorry it's tipped weird. It's not saved like that, so I don't know why it's rotating like that. I'm not a computer wiz...just a blogger :)


THE SHAWS said...

So, I blog stalking and I was checking out Noahs blog...just to see how things have changed since I last saw him. Anyways, I look at their list of friends and noticed that they are friends with these people in our ward who had premature twins. Jeff is really good friends with the dad so we know them well. I think it's funny that it's really a small world after all! Nice dress...VERY eastery!
PS-remember Elder Clegg? I jsut thought about him and I remembered how funny it was that we all thoguht he was gorgeous beyond belief...him and most all the missionaries...we were funny girls!

derek and michelle said...

your so pretty! i hope all is going well!

Lindser Binzer said...

I love your dress and what fun easter gifts! Glad you had a good holiday :). Hope school's going well.

james & erin said...

very springy and you look very cute!

Grandma Nell said...

What a fun Easter!! Thanks for calling me too! I love you guys!! You're so cute! Even if the picture is sideways!! :)

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

I love your dress! I wore my new one, too but didn't take pictures because Lorin changed into sweats right after church. Boo... I told him that this Sunday we are all wearing the same outfits & getting a pretend "Easter" picture. Haha. :) So I will have a picture up later on ... just for you! You look gorgeous, especially sideways!


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