Thursday, January 3, 2008


I just watched a very interesting and tense movie called Enough starring J Lo. It's all about how she finds out her very rich and powerful husbands is having an affair and then he starts beating her and then she runs away and he trys to find her to kill her. Yeah, tense, I know! Anyway...Noah Wyle (The very popular actor from E.R.) was in it and I was so excited because when I started watching I was like, this movie is going to be so fun! A love story between Noah and J Lo and they'll fall in love and be happy....NOPE. He turns out to be an accomplice to the bad husband man. Lame. And I always thought he was so nice...

Cody's birthday is coming up!!!!! I am so so so excited. I think more excited than he is. But I just thought I'd post his birthday list (he has so sneakily placed it on the printer so I'd remember to post it on here for all curious blog stalkers).

Please remember that Cody is not expecting anything from anyone, but the list is just for if you were thinking, "Cody's birthday is soon and I think he is so wonderful and I'd love to get him a gift! I wonder what he'd like..." Also remember that if you do think that but think that everything on his list might be a little pricy...he is happy with anything :)

-A snowboard
-Zip-Up Hoodie (April bought him TWO track jackets and a super cute sweater AND a super cute button up shirt for Christmas. HE LOVES them! And so do I!!! Thanks April!)
-Fishing Vest
-Fly-Fishing Pole
(He wants to start fly fishing...can ya tell?)
-Games for the xbox
-Exhaust Tips ...I dont' know what that means, but he said he really wants some.
-Dress shirts
-Car Stereo

So there it is. Much shorter than my christmas list!

Our Christmas was SUPER awesome. We had a great time and got a lot of super fun presents! Cody's parents bought us an xbox360 and Cody was SOOOOO excited. First he opened the present from Brittany and Seth, which was xbox games, so he was a little tipped off... When he got to open the big red bag and untaped it he looked inside, then he just looked at me, mouth wide open! My parents also sent us money which we put towards one of Cody's birthday presents...a big screen tv! I'll have to put pictures up of our new toys. My mom sewed me a SUPER cute apron that's blue and brown with pretty flowers, and Noah bought me gloves and a super cute hat from The Gap, which is my favorite store! I think Noah and April were scared I would take it back since I got gloves and a super cute hat for my birthday, but my gloves are already starting to fall apart and I love the ones Noah got me, so now I just have 2 pairs!!

Our New Year's was also great! Amy came up to visit and we almost forgot to take pictures! Luckily I got in 2 before our memory card filled up. I'll post some on here whenever she sends me some that she took. New Year's Eve we spent at our friends house from the ward, the Marshalls. We played games and ate chocolate and cheese fondue (YUM!) and then about 2 minutes before midnight Cody suggested we do handstands into the new year! I think we found a new family tradition!! Cody did it the best. He was up for so long! Amy did really good, too. She fell over pretty fast, but she at least was upside down when the clock hit 12. I didn't do so well...I couldn't do a handstand so I tried doing a handstand, and I still couldn't do it! So I only did a little "pod" into the New Year.

You know...with the knees on the elbows and everything. Kinda embarrassing. Oh well. I can't wait until we have a big family and everyone gets to do handstands together at midnight!! (Look for footage of that in 13-15 years :)

Happy 2008!!


Amy said...

I loved being at your house and I loved being upside-down! And I love the new look of your blog! So pretty! And I love you!

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

I think you mean you did a headstand...but I totally got it. Sounds fun, all the headstands and everything. I am surprised I even made it to midnight!

Grandma Nell said...

I agree with Amy- I love the new look of your blog! It is beautiful! I'm glad you all had a fun time! I'm also glad to have a list of Cody's birthday wishes! Stay warm!!

CodynStacey said...

Yeah, I do mean a headstand...i tried to change it but I don't know how! Hopefully people will get what I meant... :)

Briana said...

Enough is honestly one of the best movies ever. It makes you feel unstopable! I always watch it when i am working out cause it makes me want to kick some butt!

Grandma Nell said...

I think that you guys need another Cabela's gift card for all the stuff Cody wants!! Hope you have a great birthday, Cody!

April said...

k - we totally saw Enough was on tv too, but Noah didn't want to watch it again :( And I think your new brown blog looks cute!

james & erin said...

i like the brown blog!


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