Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Adventures

So I know Halloween was yesterday, but I didn't want to post anything then because I feel like there's some kind of blogging rule that says you can't post too much in one post, or too often. So...if anyone knows the blogging police, don't report me, because I get really excited to put stuff on here! And that kinda makes me a dork. Oh well. I know that when my family and friends post a lot on their blogs I get really, really excited, so hopefully someday when our blog is as cool as theirs people will get excited for it :)

S0 yeah! Halloween!!!

At my work all the teachers and staff get to dress up and everyone gets really, really excited for Halloween. We have a costume contest (that I totally won last year with my ballerina costume) and this year everyone went ALL out! All the kids get to dress up, too, and all the different classes have parties.

I can't post any pictures of kids unless they have a mask on (because of confidentiality) but I took pictures with some of the employee's kids and they don't have to be confidential! Hooray!

I was a scary lion, but no one else thought that! When I went to see the kids they said, "Kitty! Kitty!!" One little girl and one of the teachers thought I was a mouse...but I know that I (kinda) looked like a scary lion.

Me and Darth Vader

This is Adrienne, she's the cutest little chicken ever!!!

Kyle was a mummy

Tailani was a pirate-actually her whole family was! I have a picture of her mom in her super cute pirate costume, but it's with a bunch of kids..

Alicia and me!! She got to be my favorite candy, MNM's!! I asked this kid what he was for Halloween...and his exact words were "The Gatekeeper of Hell"

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween and had more trick'r'treaters than we did-Not ONE person came! Now I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy! Oh, I love that show


April said...

lovin' your crimped hair!

nicole said...

So how in the world did you find my blog? I love this! How have you been? So glad to see you on here. I checked xanga for an update the other day...nothin. Thanks for commenting! Talk to you soon!

Amy said...

You are seriously so scary as a lion! But a way cute lion! Love you!

james & erin said...

i like your lion tail the best

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

Gatekeeper of Hell? That made me laugh SO hard! Polly was the chicken...i am sure you saw all 50 of my pictures. You are definately the cutest lion. I say you should have gone for a double award...2 years in a row. :)


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