Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Finally Got One!!

So I finally gave in and decided to set up a blog. It seems like the cool thing to do! I decided to post today because so many exciting things have happened lately!
For example:
*I HAD to post pictures of Cody's Halloween costume. It's soooo funny and he looks so good!
*We got an awesome package from my mom today! It had the coolest things inside! One was an AWESOME wall hanging of a witch over a spooky house that she quilted; it's so cool. Another was an actual quilt for a little baby girl that..we don't have yet..but will someday hopefully have and I'm sure she'll love it! It's so pretty and there are hearts quilted on it, the thread changes colors, it's all light green and pink, there are little tiny polka dots on the border, and on the back it looks like there are lollipops all over it. Sooooo cute. On the back she wrote-
"ANTICIPATION" (that's the name of the quilt..probably because I really, really want to have a baby girl)
"A Tennessee Waltz pattern made with love by Grandma Nell for Stacey & Cody Walk's Baby-In anticipation of her arrival!! :)"

Please don't be confused. We aren't having a baby. Right now at least.

So I just spent the last 10 minutes taking pictures of my new quilt and wall hanging, and then 10 minutes trying to figure out how to hook up the camera to the computer. And I still have no idea how. So, when Cody gets home and teaches me, I'll be back to post some fun pictures!!


Amy said...

Ok - I think you should have a baby right away because your quilt is lonely and needs to wrap someone up. And Aunt Amy wants to hold her. :)

james & erin said...

ummm are you sure you aren't having a baby??? and you can't figure out how to hook your camera up to the computer? oh stacey...

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

I would have killed you if you made me read your whole blog to tell me you were having a baby...but I was getting really excited for a minute!


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